Steph Davidson

Physiotherapist – BPhysio (Hons), Bachelor of Science (Human Anatomy & Physiology), Bachelor of Commerce (Management)

Steph has been working as a physiotherapist in Broome since 2018. Growing up Steph had a love for all things exercise and sport, representing Western Australia in gymnastics, diving and bodybuilding. It was due to her love of sport and physical activity that she chose to study Physiotherapy at the University of Notre Dame where she graduated with first class honours. Steph believes in empowering her patients to achieve their specific goals with a full toolbox of skills to help her patients from start to finish.

Steph has a keen interest in pilates and its role in injury rehabilitation and prevention, completing her reformer pilates training with STOTT Pilates. Steph also has an interest in managing scoliosis and has undergone training in the prescription of Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercise (PSSE). Steph has further education in paediatric physiotherapy from Monash University and hopes to continue her learning on helping children as they grow and develop, as it is passion of hers.

Steph is a critical thinker and has a strong drive for understanding the causes of her client’s problems and not just treating their symptoms. Steph sees the importance of taking the time to listen to her client’s story in order to provide solutions to treat the underlying causes and contributing factors to their condition or injury.

Steph is understanding, empathetic and prides herself on going the extra mile to help her clients. Steph has a true passion for helping others and so you will see Steph around the clinic with a smile on her face and a spring in her step.

  • STOTT PILATES Training
  • APA Spinal Levels
  • APA Dry Needle Therapist
  • Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercise (PSSE) therapist
  • Monash University Paediatrics Levels

Steph moved to Broome in 2018 with her now husband, James, to establish a family business in the renewable energy sector. Steph and James instantly fell in love with Broome, its people, community and landscape. In her spare time Steph enjoys exercising, walking her dogs on the beach and hanging out with friends.

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